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A few more thrifty finds

You know I like to trawl the thrift stores and I’m always looking for some new places to find treasure. We’ve had a few trips recently and made sure we’ve had time to browse in which ever town we end up. He likes the book section and the LP’s and I check out the dishes, furniture and sewing sections. It’s turning out to be something we both like to do, a shared pastime. Who’d have thought it.  It does mean we are starting to accumulate special, rescued, never to be found again things. Luckily these finds are small!

Firstly a large jar of the best vintage buttons, mostly the small shirt kind in creamy colours, some almost violet…… pulse racing, heart singing. Actually the jar isn’t that large but to have such a collection of similar buttons in the same place is quite unusual.

Did I mention the Pyrex butter dish before? – no lid, so it was a snip and my favourite blue too!


This quail motif Mola kit in green which I’m itching to start but I really must finish a few things first.


Then this little Spode cup popped up out of nowhere in the local church thrift shop. It’s only 2″ high, has no saucer and was only $1 (sorry about the quality, it looked fine small). I’m thinking some fabric, wadding scraps and hey presto, my new pin cushion! Not a huge expense for a few hours of quality entertainment.


So today I pushed the boat out and treated myself to a new ironing board cover, because I’m worth it and because I really needed one 🙂


20 comments on “A few more thrifty finds

  1. I.J. Bull
    February 20, 2014

    Been wondering what to do with my buttons accumulated over 50 years. They might find their way to Ashford. Ironing board is similar age, must change it! Wont take it to Ashford.

  2. mrsfoxfinery
    February 20, 2014

    Really the jar itself as well as the buttons!

  3. mandymunroe
    February 20, 2014

    OoooooH really, I never say no to buttons! I’m just setting up ironing boards for the workshop tomorrow. One is wooden, second hand 30 years ago and I love it, can you just recover it?

  4. mrsfoxfinery
    February 20, 2014

    Missed ‘like’ out!

  5. pomegranateandchintz
    February 20, 2014

    Great finds. Love the colour of the dish and that cup is so sweet.

  6. KerryCan
    February 20, 2014

    I love those Pyrex storage dishes! And the mola kit is very intriguing–I hope you’ll post about that experience!

  7. roma1912
    February 20, 2014

    Love your thrifty finds, so much so I’m off to find some of my own at the weekend 🙂

  8. jackiemallon
    February 20, 2014

    Lovely finds which I’m sure be used very niftily. I am not allowed to collect any more stuff till we move apartments 😦

    • mandymunroe
      February 21, 2014

      Oh no! How about if you donate a bag, one in one out?

  9. Doreen
    February 20, 2014

    Molas are fab!!!! Your ‘finds’ are treasures……love the pyrex piece (no cover needed!!!!). Hugs………………

    • mandymunroe
      February 21, 2014

      I hadn’t seen them as kits before, this seems quite old – 70’s?

  10. ukcitycrafter
    February 21, 2014

    What lovely finds, and it’s nice that your hubby enjoys looking too.

    • mandymunroe
      February 21, 2014

      He spends ages in the books and is quite happy (and it takes the pressure off of me to rush). It’s great we’ve found something we can do together!

  11. rags4bags
    February 21, 2014

    As you guessed-loved the cup. Looking forward to seeing the pincushion. More buttons? just as well they were special ones!

  12. annie
    March 6, 2014

    I love thrift stores and garage sales! You netted some terrific finds. 😉

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